Polly Walshin

Business OWNER

I’m a southern transplant, to San Diego, and I’ve been here for almost 25 years. My children were both raised in Point Loma and Ocean Beach. I have a bachelors in marketing and interior design. After raising two children being a single mom for years and not really pursuing what I really wanted to do. I was able to stay home with my kids a lot and do jobs on and off that could keep me being there for them full-time. Once they grow up it was time to find my next path. and later in life I decided I wanted to go back to school and get my masters in education . I became a PE and health teacher. I taught middle school and elementary school PE for five years. I had a very serious injury at work where a child kicked me in the breast and my implant exploded it left me debilitated and super sick. I found iSweat Lodge, over three years ago. I thought with me maybe this could help me? I went in and after the second time of using the therapy I could get out of bed and my pain was completely gone.

What I prayed for during Covid was that I would find a new path something I believed in. I wrote a book that will be out in a month call daddy issues and with the completion of that book A miracle happened. iSWeatlodge was for sale and I had the opportunity to buy it. I am a real estate agent and I sold a couple of properties and with my commission I was able to purchase such a wonderful business. I have a passion for seeing people whole and healthy inside and out. I can’t wait to meet you come on down and sweat with us.

Annie Tapia

Social media director

Due to having an autoimmune, I’ve been passionate about anything having to do with holistic health. I started “sweating” before moving to San Diego & It was a GAME CHANGER! My symptoms & pain were far less than they had been… in years!! Sweating wasn’t the start of my “health” journey, but it drew me even more into the world of natural medicine. When I moved to San Diego i instantly knew it was a magical place. Since then I’ve been blessed to call it home. When I got to San Diego, I knew needed to find a place that specialized in infrared wraps ASAP. I did my research & concluded iSweat was the place for me. I started as a client & then was offered the amazing opportunity to became an employee. Since working for iSweat, I’ve met so many lovely people & learned a lot more about holistic health. I’m beyond thankful. I’m excited for what the future holds & can’t wait to see how sweating can heal others like it’s healed me. 

Happy Clients

This place is great, I have never slept so wonderfully after anything. It's so nice to slow down and zone out while giving your skin a serious deep sweat! I recommend this place to all my friends and no one has been disappointed 🙂
iSweat to move lymph fluid and keep improving my health, post cancer!!! And Kat and Lola couldn't be more accommodating! 💗 how I feel after!!!
Today was my 3rd time back at the iSweat Lodge, I usually go after my workouts to relax my muscles and zen out. Kat is so great and welcomes you to the lodge like it is her home. She can answer any question you have and makes you feel really comfortable during your sweat. Please check this place out in the heart of Bird Rcok you will feel so great!
I always love to try new things and I wanted this to aide in my new diet and detoxification. I've been three times now and enjoy the relaxing experience. The facility is very clean and zen plus I can watch Netflix while I'm sweating. The owner and staff are very professional and knowledgeable. A must try!