Shake Up your Work-Out Routine with Passive Exercise and Whole-Body Vibration

Shake Up your Work-Out Routine with Passive Exercise and Whole-Body Vibration

For many of those who are rehabilitating an injury, passive exercise isn’t a trend, rather a gentle way to promote healing and speed-up the recovery process. Passive exercise, also known as passive range of motion (ROM) exercises, refers to the range of motion and how far your joints and muscles can move in different directions with the help of either a person or machine.

Everyone can benefit from passive exercises, especially those recovering from injury, the elderly, people with physical disabilities and even stroke survivors with partial paralyzation. Passive exercise can help prevent muscle stiffness and treat spasticity.

Passive Exercise with

Whole-Body Vibration

This machine is known by a few different names: Whole-Body Vibration, WBV, or “shake plate”. Vibration therapy was invented in the late 19th Century by a Swedish doctor, then decades later was used by Russian scientists to heal astronauts returning from space to build up their bone density. Read: History of Whole-Body Vibration

Whole-Body Vibration is one of the most popular in the passive exercise category. You don’t have to exert any effort if you choose to stand on the WBV platform. The surface vibrates up to 30 times per second and activates the body’s “stress reflex”, or rapid muscle contraction. The WBV machines at iSWEAT LODGE have pivotal and lineal vibration settings, and clients can choose which level and speed they want to experience. Find out which vibrational movement is better for you.

“Whole-body vibration allows your body to activate more muscle fibers, increases circulation for improved range of motion, and has been shown to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness,” said Brian Abadie, high-performance coordinator for Michael Johnson Performance Center, who uses WBV to train elite athletes.

If you are looking to challenge yourself on the WBV machine, give these moves a try:

  • Touch-Toe for Flexibility: Stretch three ways: heels elevated, feet flat and toes elevated. By flexing your toes and feet you increase blood flow to the posterior chain and extend your range of motion as you drop down lower.
  • Push-Ups for Stability: With hands on the platform in a push-up position, the oscillation force activates your stabilization muscles and increases the effectiveness of the push-up. You can try to rotate your torso for a more challenging pose.
  • Lunge for Strength: Fire up your glutes and hamstrings by widening your feet on the platform, or try narrowing your feet for a challenge. Lunge and lean in while keeping your torso upright.

Good Vibrations at iSWEAT LODGE

iSWEAT LODGE includes WBV as part of the two-step sweat process . By combining WBV with infrared heat wraps, it enhances the detox with improved lymphatic drainage and better circulation. There are many health benefits from passive exercise and Whole-body vibration, including developing better bone density, healing muscle fibers, improved circulation to the lymphatic system, and even helps to decrease stress. Learn more about the list of benefits of WBV.

If you’re not looking to sweat in the infrared wrap, Whole-body vibration is also offered as a stand-alone service at iSWEAT LODGE for 20-minute intervals. It can be used a great addition to your normal work-out routine or as part of your rehabilitation from injury.

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